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What Pinterest and My Sock Drawer have in Common

I feel like Pinterest and I have become better friends over the years

When we first met, Pinterest was this really fascinating resource

And now here we are years later, and it’s still fascinating

But I feel like Pinterest is like an old file cabinet…

It’s got all kinds of really amazing things in it…. But…
Where are they?

Some of my folders have 500+ pins in them

Which is great…. but I’m starting to feel like Pinterest was an overstuffed sock drawer…

Time to do some organizing and see what’s actually there

So I had this idea:
I started going though my Halloween board first because it happened to be Halloween at the time.

I decided to start making boards based on things I would actually NEED this information for:

I made a board called “Halloween Pumpkins
This board started gathering all the info on carving, designing and decor that had to do with pumpkins
(Which turns out was what MOST Of my Halloween pins were about…who knew?)pincode_202451014438403961

Then I made one called “Halloween Costumes” because who isn’t stressed about that around Halloween right? First he wanted to be a Ninja and now he’s saying he wants to be a Vampire… I mean really? So another board was created…

And you know what?
I was very shocked.
Suddenly I had pins to fill up Boards about
Halloween Spiders,
Halloween Ghosts
Candy Corn,
Halloween Bats,
Halloween Photography,
Halloween Monsters
and Halloween Games.
Then added very quickly…
Halloween Cakes
(why does everyone want to do a Cake Walk at Halloween anyway?),
Apples and Cider,
Halloween Witches
and Halloween Black Cats
(which shows what a big fan I am NOT of cats I guess haha)
and then Ideas for Halloween parties
and House Decor

How did Halloween have 12 sub-sections???
This last Halloween I also felt like I USED so much more,
did so much more
from the ideas I had
because I knew EXACTLY where everything was.
(Okay I’m exaggerating, but it really was amazingly unstressful this year and we did so much fun stuff)

I moved on to Christmas and in a very short time had Christmas boards for:
Elf on the Shelf,
Gifts Ideas,
House Decor
Hot Cocoa
Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer,
Candy Canes,
the Grinch,
Christmas morning,
Frosty the Snowman,
Christmas Trees,
12 Days/Advent,
the Nativity,
Polar Express
and Christmas photography.

Somewhere in there I also did a few things for Thanksgiving
but found that really all I pinned about Thanksgiving was about PIES
and then a few things about kids activities
and gratitude
and a few things about food…
but mostly PIES.
So I have a Thanksgiving Pies board that is excellent…
not sure if the others are that great yet,
as you can see where my focus is during that holiday…

And the result?
I’ve started getting more specific results
I felt like suddenly the things on my feed were EXACTLY about what I had been searching for in the last few weeks
One of the things I have read is about how Pinterest “Gets to Know” a Pin
Say you were create a pin about Halloween
How does Pinterest “know” what this pin is really about?
It might look at the picture?
It might look at the description?
(but let’s be honest, a lot of the times the description is “Pin now, read later” or “This pin is so amazing” so not too specific there)
But it also starts to “know” based on where people put it…
And I guess somewhere out there, some poor pins are finding their specific descriptions…
They aren’t just “halloween ideas”
They are Halloween Pumpkins, okay?
Let’s be specific here…
It’s not just “Christmas Ideas”
It’s about Gingerbread Houses people!

So hey, you’re welcome I guess?
And now Pinterest seems less like a sock drawer…
And more like my amazing collection…

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Kitchen Table Remodel

My kitchen table was super ugly

I have two boys who like to pound their utensils while they eat

Then add to that the finish on this table was always weird and faulty from the beginning…so we are hard on it but it shouldn’t be this bad this fast either

I found these stencils on Pinterest from

They came in less than a week so it was nice to be able to finish it all over the break

I painted the tabletop in Honfluer Chalk Paint

Then that night HM uses his air brush gun to help me paint on the stencils. They send you half the design for the bigger ones so its a puzzle type assembly for a bit

You have to paint half, let it dry, then paint the other half

I must say the air brush gun was a lifesaver…I figured this would be an entire day project but it was a couple hours and done…pretty cool

We also did my wooden Lazy Susan slab that I usually have on the table: up to this point it’s been pretty mismatched so I wanted to have it all tied together

I ordered a smaller version of the same pattern for this

How’s that for a transformation huh? I am so proud of my table….

Next step: HM is going to put a clear epoxy finish on to protect the table feom my crazy boys…. more on that later….

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Connect to a Prophet Box Connect Game

Fun day in Singing time reviewing for Conference and practicing our songs for the program!

This game was inspired by the dot and line game I used to always play in church as a kid.

Connect to a prophet Box Connect game pieces

Also, it was prompted by finding THESE little drawings of all the prophets that I thought were SO ADORABLE so I came up with something to use them for!
They were $5 and wish there was an option to buy them each bigger–so cute to use with lessons! I printed them on regular paper and then glued them onto blue cardstock.

Connect to a prophet box connect title
Basic Rules:

I split the class into two teams.

I had one person from each team come up and draw a line each, just to get started.

Then we sang a song (I just made a list of all our program songs and we sang them in the order I wrote down, whatever that was)

Which ever team sang the best was the winner and got to send a person up to draw a line.
Connect to a prophet box connect real life

I didn’t worry about each team having a different color or anything, I figured the lines are whatever they are and the goal was to get a complete box drawn on the last step. I don’t know that the youngest group really understood the basics of the game other than “we are drawing lines” and that’s fine.
Connect to a prophet box layout

NOTES: I think next time I would have them draw maybe two lines per team or something? This game went a bit slower than I thought it would, we spent most of our time singing and this seemed more like a side deal than the actual activity–which is fine because that was the point (to practice singing our songs) but still seemed like we had barely started playing the game and it was over. Good calm game though overall, kids loved it.

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Sync Up Shape Up Review Game

Alright, this Sunday was pretty crazy

This was the first Sunday that we held a combined Junior and Senior singing and sharing time and so it was busy and hectic anyway and I don’t think I helped settle them down on my end but oh well, ha ha

This lesson is a combination of a few different ideas.

First, I named this “Sync Up, Shape Up” after these two parts: lip-syncing and a shape spinner.

First, I divided them into two teams.

Then, one person came up and spun the fidget spinner on this spinner:

This spinner was for a math thing, but it’s super cute so just used the spinner.

When the fidget spinner finally stopped (which they of course suddenly spun forever and ever…)

Whatever it landed on, that was the shape they went looking for around the room. (get it? Shape Up?)

This little guy was stuck to the front of the podium and I missed it when I cleaned up and it stayed there all week ๐Ÿ™‚ haha

I just printed the spinner twice and cut out the shapes in the 2nd one so they would be identical.

The back of each shape had a number on it that decided which song we would sing.

Then, a kid from each team went to find some lips:

These were hidden around the room

These had numbers on the back also

and these told them how many people from each team would come up to “lip-sync” with one of these:

One thing I would change here is the number 1. I didn’t think of it when I was making it but no one wants to come sing by themselves! Next time I would just put 2s, 3s, and 4s

So then we sang the song. However many people they got from each team came up and sang, holding the paper faces over everything but their lips.

Then, as they sang, their “judges” had to decide which “team” sang better and at the end of the song they had to vote on which team was better

It. was. hysterical.

I really wish someone had taken a picture of it, because it was all I could do to keep a straight face and sing the song!

We ended up singing 4 or 5 of the songs, and then stopped. This could havr gone on for another 20 minutes easily.

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Tic Tac “Know” Review Game

Fun day in primary reviewing our songs!

Tic-Tac-Know! I read throughย this game and decided to just make my own.

So I made big numbers for each space like a Tic-Tac-Toe grid

On the back of each number were two questions–our primary is combined so I just put both questions for Jr and Sr on the back and figured I would choose which question depending on who ended up coming up

I got the questions from HERE.

In Primary I divided them into two teams and called the first person up

Once they chose a number, and if they answered the question right, they put their X or O in the space

I made 4 of each, which ended up being all we needed but technically I should have made 5 or 6 really?

The game went very well, pretty tame really and we ended up even having a winner! I figured they would tie but one team did actually win and they won at just the right time too! perfect timing!

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Teaching “I Feel My Savior’s Love”

There were 8 pages to the song and so everytime we flipped over a new section to learn the next line, I had one person go find the heart I had hidden around the room

For Sr primary I went in a random order so they didn’t know what would come next

On the back of each heart was a “love” question:

This was my first week as chorister and their answers were adorable…seriously.

Funniest part was that Sr Primary, I had them hide the numbered hearts and by the end, we never found the 4. We looked…and looked….and looked….nothing.

I expected to find it soon after but it was about 3 months later I found it underneath a chair ๐Ÿ™‚

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Day 5 of Beginning Art Class

Day#5 for the Beginning class:
Surprise bug monsters:
Name Bugs:

Day 1

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The Most Brilliant Addition your Father’s Day activity was missing

*This post contains affiliate links. I get a commission if you click or purchase on these products

This was a fun fun Singing time

I printed these ties and had paperplates with faces on them like THESE

I chose a kid to come choose a tie and match it to their “dad’s” face. (which by itself was pretty funny to watch them try to match the tie to what they thought their dad looked like in paperplate face form)

Once they did that, they could choose a mustache. These made the whole lesson, serious gold mine…

I ordered these the week before, super fun. They come on individual card things that you can punch out.

In order to get a mustache, they had to answer a question about their dads which I just a random list of questions I wrote up or made up on the spot ๐Ÿ™‚

The ties had numbers written on the back and for Jr primary we just sang the song and moved on.

For Sr primary, there was a trivia question where you had to guess which father in the scriptures they were talking about. Some were actually pretty hard and Sr primary enjoyed that as well. (See HERE for where I got them)

NOTES: This was hysterical to wear a mustache while singing! seriously weird…and super funny to see 5 year olds en masse wearing mustaches running around the church halls….ahhahaha