Getting our Eyeballs Right


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When I was young we always had animals
Horses, Cows, chickens, pigs later and of course dogs and cats
And because that’s the way of life
They would uh…reproduce
And I remember once sitting on the fence
Watching a calf being born
And thinking: This is so gross!
And although they are cute
I think I spent a large portion of the time
Thinking: This is disgusting.
Hair is all messed up
Poor thing can barely wobble around!

And I am the second of nine children
So I remember 5 of my siblings coming home
And I didn’t say “gross”
But I remember having a similar reaction:
Wow, look at this poor thing:
Hair is crazy, eyes all swollen
Skin peeling off, and eyeballs every which way

They say we have certain chemicals that are released
When we see babies so that we feel endearment
sympathy even, and feel the urge to care for them
Which is great, but doesn’t make the reality any different
Still crazy hair, weird eyeballs, and wobbly limbs
and crap everywhere….

I started a blog my first year “on my own”
I had my own job, my own apartment and lots of time 🙂
I wrote every day, buckets and buckets
And 6 years later, it’s FULL of “stuff”
And now I want to start a…ahem…”REal” Blog
And ya, I’m having the same sort of newborn experience.
Crazy headers, no categories, no archives, no history
This poor little baby site, all new and cute
And ya…not the most attractive thing is is?
But whatever
Here we go big world, it’s time to get our eyeballs right
And we’ll be up and running in no time…

And suddenly I’m remembering those newborn nights
Up every other minute
And thinking “What was it those people always said?”
“It goes by so fast”????
This NIGHT is an eternity!
Can we speed up to where this goes faster?
Because breakfast seems a really long way away…
So here’s to the night
And here’s to crazy hair days and wobbling beginnings
Welcome to The Painter’s Wife

(took me 3 weeks to come up with that title, be grateful!)


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