Tracking Daily Chores

This is my favorite chart: Daily Chores

DO Dishes: Run, Empty, Put Away
Wipe Down Kitchen:
Counter, Sink, Oven, Microwave, Door (pantry)
Floors: Sweep, Mop
Laundry: Run, Fold, Put away
Bathrooms: Straighten, Wash!
Make Beds: Master, Bedroom, Bedroom, Loft
Clear Table: Breakfast, Lunch Dinner
Vacuum: Master, Bedroom, Bedroom, Living Area
Pick Up Rooms: Master, Bedroom, Bedroom, Living Area
Weekly: (things that I need to just do once a week)
Create Meal Menu, Straighten Backyard,
Gym? (how many times), Grocery Shopping
Lunch Stuff (make things and freeze for faster mornings)
Garden? (spend some time weeding, upkeep, etc)

This is the thing that keeps my house cleaned up
I used to just “clean” and whatever got done, did.
But the problem is that I have a limited amount of brain cells these days
I think to myself: when did I last vacuum the living room?
Psshhh.. I did that just yesterday!
Um…. no, actually it was a week ago…
This helps me keep on track
Helps me focus when I clean instead of just going from thing to thing
Sometimes I’m not finished
I’m just tired of cleaning right?
And I get a special kind of thrill at checking things off
And getting my to-do list done for the day
These are My Chores as I call them

I put them in a plastic cover on the fridge
At the end of the week I just rinse it off under the faucet πŸ™‚
Dry and reuse, it’s easy.

It also helps me NOT clean so much
I vacuumed the whole house yesterday?
Cool, day off today
And no matter what, I know that things are still getting done
I set a goal to vacuum every other day
And to mop at least once a week πŸ™‚
And to sweep every other day

What chores need to be done on Saturday?
The whole list!

I’ve modified it several times
Putting in things that need to be done more often
Taking things off, putting others on
I have a 3 bedroom home as you can see πŸ™‚
So modify it as you need and depending on what you have
I’m telling you, this chart keeps me SANE
And I highly recommend Sanity to anyone πŸ™‚


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