Why You Should Give your Painter a Break…

In honor of my namesake, here’s a Painting one for you: 🙂

2014-04-22 17.36.39
Why should you give your Painter a break?

  1. They have a life: the painter you call to paint your house is not a huge company. They are most likely their own boss and a small business.  They are not waiting around all day just to do bids, they have to do bids before/after/DURING the jobs they are already doing.  And most painters don’t charge to drive out to your house and chat for an hour.  They HOPE they get your business but if they don’t? They are out money. So when you call for a bid? That’s not the only thing they do in a day, that’s the MILLIONTH thing they do in day. And you know what else they have? A FAMILY.  They have bills, birthday parties, family dinners, kids in school and they have to go to all that also.  So when they need to reschedule? Maybe it’s not because they are so inconsiderate or unprofessional but because they are human? We aren’t the cable company that you are paying to come fix something, we get nothing to come talk to you, and true, sometimes it’s a complete waste of OUR time, not to mention yours.
  2. They have to make everything look good in the end: Painters are the last step in a long process of anywhere from 4 to 5 different trades.  All those other trades? They get to just do their thing and leave and never have to make it perfect.  Why is it not perfect? Because they know the next person down the line will be able to fix their mistakes and they are right. Carpenter’s work gets covered up by drywall or paint or lacquer.  Drywall work gets covered up by mudd and texture and paint.  Mudd is covered by paint in the end too.  The only thing that DOESN’T get covered up? The Paint.IMAG0483
  3. Your House was Never Perfect: Want to see a good example? Get a chair and take a look at the top of your interior door jambs sometime.  Go ahead. What most of you will find on the tops of your doors/closets? (especially in new homes) They aren’t finished.  Why? Because you’ll never see it and unless you know, you’ll never look or check or notice. Building a house is combining a million different factors and most of the mistakes you will never even know about. That wall? Ya, it’s not really straight. That wall? There have been patches in it but you can’t see them now. And in fact if you think about it, most of our houses are held together by nothing more than paper and mudd and some good wood supports. It looks solid and it will keep standing, but the details that make it one thing are many and until you start remodeling or renovating, you will never know the things that happened behind those nicely painted walls.
  4. New Paint doesn’t make everything new again:  Paint DOES make things look so much better. I’ve seen houses that I thought “Just tear this down, there’s not saving it” become these new amazing houses.  But it doesn’t make them new. SO many times we have jobs where the main complaint is not REALLY the paint, it’s the fact that the house is made poorly or the structure is falling apart. If you aren’t willing to FIX what is wrong, the paint can’t do the fixing.  Again, there are details wrong with your house that you don’t even know about or have not noticed until painters come and put a new color on.  Now suddenly you notice that poorly done patch, or you notice the line in your stucco wall where the wall was done in two separate passes.  The painters didn’t do this, it’s always been there and sometimes new paint can make it more obvious that there are problems.
  5. Making one thing nice makes everything else look worse: Unfortunately it’s true. It’s pretty standard in our company to always paint walls AND baseboards and trim and we even encourage strongly that when you paint the interior, you need to paint not just the walls, but the baseboards, the doors and the door jambs. Why? Because once you paint the walls the nice new clean color, you will suddenly notice that your doors, jambs and baseboards that you thought were wonderfully clean and spotless before are suddenly DISGUSTING.  Happens every time without fail.  Once you start, it’s hard to stop 🙂 (which is good for our business but bad for the budget, right?)
  6. Your Painter did things for free on your job: You know how I know they did? Because they want their final product to look good. So if you are happy about your paint job, you got free work.  Your painters cleaned up all the small mistakes, they scrubbed and swept up everyone else’s messes: the spills from that stucco patch, the sawdust from the carpenter, the lines you messed up last time you did this job yourself, the windowsills and ceilings that were overpainted by you or your last painter, the drips and mistakes they sanded off, the drips and stains in the cement where a patch was done, the trash, the hauloff, the litter even.  If they left it clean and nice, they did it because they wanted their job to look good and if they DIDN’T? Maybe they didn’t feel like cleaning up after everyone else (who don’t care).  99% of the time, none of these things are on the bill, they are just done because we know they need to be done or you will not be happy with your paint job.
  7. Everyone thinks they can paint…but they really can’t.  A real Painter makes it look easy right? They paint and voila, it’s beautiful.  They magically have all the right tools, the right equipment and they get it done fast and easy.  In reality, it’s a constant problem solving mission.  If you don’t know your paint, if you don’t know your tools, if you don’t know what you are doing, you can mess up a job with grand flair.  And just because YOUR job turned out well, doesn’t mean there weren’t problems. 🙂 But your painters took care of it, they fixed it, they did their job.  So while it looked like they were just going on about their merry way—and maybe they really were because your job was the small minority that came off without a hitch—but really, they were fixing, they were solving as they went–they figured out your paint, your house, the texture, the lines, the overspray, the yard, the wind, the animals and even the weather that day.  And in the end, we smile and there you go, thanks for the work! 🙂

So maybe you could give your Painter a break,
he’s working hard for you in ways you don’t even realize 🙂
Oh and PS?
The best way to say thank you? 
Have their payment ready to go when they finish 🙂
(not next week when you get around to it
or when you get back from your month in the Bahamas)


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