Saturday Morning Movie Review: Now You See Me 2


I was so excited for this to come out
I thought the first one was amazing
Loved the magic tricks
Loved the plot twists
Loved the mystery
Loved “inside look” into this new “magician’s world” that I never knew existed
It’s like the circus meet the Illuminati
Who knew?

So between the two movies
I still like the first one better
Much like Ocean’s 11, the second one was more
Run and Hide and Chase Me Around
Instead of the “wow look at my cool tricks”
Granted they had some cool magic tricks–the water thing? Amazing still
But most of them were already in the trailer
So no big wow because I’d already seen them
There was less Cool Magic
And more pursuit and getting out of danger
Seemed like they were trying to portray the “magicians are human too” aspect which I found myself asking “why does that matter?” If my magician messes up his performance I should be more understanding? Is that a major social problem¬† I’m unaware of?
A few amazing scenes though:
The search scene where the different people pass around the card while being actively searched by guards
Mind blowing.
How they get from the performance to China was brilliant albeit creepy and mildly disturbing to contemplate in its implications
I found myself pondering if the whole world is really secretly controlled by an unknown hypnotist? This movie makes that seem like a real possibility!
And the plot twist at the end?
Very twisty but not entirely unexpected
I still kept thinking the dad would show up alive
But perhaps that’s a plot twist in and of itself?
And in the end, the performance by Radcliffe as a bad guy was hard to swallow. Just because you can grow a beard doesn’t make you evil. I just sit there thinking how funny Harry Potter looks with facial hair.
Overall, I give this movie a B
Worth seeing
Some funny parts
Good magic tricks overall
But if you miss it in theaters
You’ll love it at home too


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