Why We Have a Cat House (And Why You Should Too)


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A lot of people ask us about our Cat House
And so here is why we have one and why you should have one too

First Reason: I hate cats
Hahah… no really, not a fan
I also hate that we had 16 FERRAL cats in our yard every morning
SIXTEEN people!
That’s too many cats for anyone!
Well, the people down the street moved away
And no one moved in for several months
Then another neighbor moved away
And no one moved back in
And they had to have been feeding the wild cats
Who now ALL came to my house
Starving and looking for ANY food we could offer
Now, we had a couple cats
And trying to feed them without feeding the whole herd
Becomes problematic
Soon I had cats in my flower beds,
Cats lounging on the lawn, the neighbor’s lawn, everywhere
Cats were crapping in my flower pots, on the gravel,
They were crapping at the base of trees, on the patio, on the grass…
Crap everywhere….
And you know what else the wild cats brought?
In no time we had fleas all over the whole property
And since we had to walk THROUGH our yard
To get to the house,
Soon, we had fleas inside the house also
Fleas that bit us, the kids, everyone had bites everywhere
And we were going crazy.
Hello huge pest control problem
And huge CAT HERD and CAT TURD problem

The cats were desperate.
They hung around the doors all the time
And every time you came out the door
There they were, waiting, watching
Sitting right in the way, trying to rub on your legs
Or worse, trying to run away at the sight of you
And just walking across the yard
Made you feel like a scary creature
Cats running away, crouching, scared
And yet wondering where the food was?

I started wondering what to do with them?
The bugs, the crap, the animals everywhere…
I looked online about ways to catch WILD cats
And for the most part I got this response:
No joke, people would ask:
How do you catch wild cats?
can you drug them?
What traps can you use?
And the general response was
Awh, How could you even think such a thing???
The best response I saw was one guy who said this:
You know the only difference between a Cat and Rat?
One letter. 🙂
That’s pretty much how I felt too.

Everyone was so astounded
How could he be so unfeeling???

I called Animal Control
(they have yet to call me back and it’s been over a year)
(Their message said not to call back, they’d call back when they felt like it,
which I guess is never)
I researched how to catch them
(mostly finding a lot of “poor kitties, how could you?” responses)
And I thought to myself: I hate cats.
What other creature is allowed to behave like this?
If I had 16 wild dogs in my backyard,
Animal control would come and “Save” me
(HA! or fine me!)
If I had this many… Rats? Mice? Cockroaches? Dogs?
All of those things would be questionable, dangerous, and reason enough to call a Pest Control company, an animal expert, someone and they would come take care of my “PROBLEM” and not think twice about how inhumane or insensitive I was.
Why do we treat cats like these special creatures that can do whatever they want???

I finally convinced my husband to build a “Cat House”
And it took some convincing, and here is my speech:
I figure, we keep every other animal in a cage/pen:
Chickens, pigs, birds, cows, horses
And we don’t do it to torture them necessarily
But to care for them properly.
Why not cats?
I mean think about it
Why is it that we are okay with a huge population of animals
Who roam the streets, starve to death
And even spread bugs and disease
And when someone offers to care for them,
Everyone is suddenly concerned?
What is the big problem caging them?
They will not become someone’s pet EVER.
This way they will:
1. Have a warm/cool place to sleep
2. Be fed every day
3. Not breed constantly and have more wretched kitties that die
(and who cannot be cared for because mom is starving)
4. Be able to receive medical attention when needed
(especially as kitties and especially when it comes to pest control)
5. Not spread bugs/disease/turds everywhere (like my yard and house)
6. Hopefully be tamed enough that we can fix them just in case they ever do get out (and as of right now, all but one is, and our recent addition of a momma and 3 babies is not but hopefully she will stay for awhile)
And finally: 7. These are SUPPOSED to be domesticated animals and they are not. I’m not caging an animal that is supposed to be roaming the Rocky Mountains and is on the endangered species list. They are supposed to be sitting on someone’s rocking chair and they aren’t.
These are abandoned animals. Why is that okay?
Why can I not Un-Abandon them and take care of them?

I don’t like cats.
I’ll openly admit that.
I’m allergic to them.
I think they are weird and dumb most of them
But still, I am opposed to mistreating animals
And mostly I’m opposed to people ignoring problems
Or not taking responsibility for problems
Do you realize how HUGE the Ferral Cat population is????
Because everyone thinks someone else will deal with it
No one wants to take care of them
They are wild and not yours, I get it.
But how many cats live in your neighborhood?
If you built a Cat House and started setting out food to lure them in
How many could you catch?
Right now we have 9 cats, recently added a momma and her babies
So now we have 13 cats in our House
And of those, all are fixed except one
And except the Momma and babies we added this last week
Did you know that a female cat can produce 4 Litters a year???
So even if you don’t catch them, if you just fix ONE female
That prevents anywhere from 12 to 25 cats from being born
(and dying or living to come crap on my lawn)

But do they like it in their house you wonder?
They do actually.
At first they didn’t
They freaked out, they busted out, they ran away
But they came back for the food
And once the house was built,
There was no food except inside the House
So we lured them inside
And after the first week,
They won’t come out
They LOVE it in there
They don’t want to leave, they stay and are perfectly happy
We caught the momma and her babies fairly easily
Because she brought the babies
And started hanging out just outside the Cat House
She threw a fit when we finally got her in
But now only a few days later, she won’t leave
They like having a Home
They like being together
They like having clean water and food
And they like being HAPPY.
(verses desperate and starving)
I love my Cat House
And now you know why.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. omgpale says:

    This is such a great thing for you to do. I love it!


  2. La Shell says:

    Love this! I also do not like cats. Mainly because they are hard to read and I can’t really predict their actions. I commend you for doing what you did even though you are allergic and not the biggest fan. I do not think I could have lived with the poop everywhere and the fleas though. That takes a lot of guts!


  3. Esse D says:

    I’m not a cat lover either so I definitely understand the thought process behind it. I think it’s rather generous AND clever to have a cat house. It designates them their own space. Kudos to you!


  4. placeinthisworld247 says:

    I’m glad that you are trying to make the best out of a tough situation. I agree that 13-16 cats are way too much for one person to handle! I, too, am HIGHLY allergic to cats. Though I like cats (A family member just got one–but does not live with me thankfully), I feel your pain.


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