Painting the fence!!!


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Why paint the fence?

Because it can’t get any uglier 🙂

I’ve always wanted to do something with it
Most people make decorations
And I have done that on other fences
But this fence is right by the pool
And I was always at a loss for what decor should go here
I don’t have a huge collection of “water” things
And so it has sat for years
Big ugly fence. 🙂
Which is fine I guess
The only reason I care is that we VERY OFTEN
Are in the pool
And VERY OFTEN take pictures of kids and parties
In the pool
With the ugly fence in the background
Many times I have looked at pictures of the pool area
And thought: I should put SOMETHING on that fence
Anything really…

So then one day my friend Karen sent me this:

Painted Deck Project

And besides LOVING her backyard garden and playhouse
(I was like, okay, we are friends now, I like her)
I read this, (as you should too haha)
And I thought, hmmmmmm……..
What an interesting idea…. why not just paint it????
My husband has a LIBRARY of paint supplies…
And I have a huge ugly fence as a canvas…..

I copied the style… kinda…
I didn’t really PLAN anything per se
I just kinda drew it on
And then painted it…and repainted it
Until I liked it
This took several block amounts of time
First a couple hours to outline it:


Then another couple hours to just COLOR it in:


Then the hardest part was doing the DESIGNS on each flower
This made things more complicated because I would do it
And then hate it and paint over it and redo it…
This part took the longest


Then finally, I painted green vines to twirl around the whole thing
And kinda tie it together I guess
That way it wasn’t just random flowers there
Even though it kinda is…haha…


These are the individual flowers before the vines:


And finally: TA-DA!!!!!!!

A few things interesting things:

The texture of a fence is very interesting to try and paint, it’s not smooth anywhere…

Creativity seems to breed creativity…which is good you would think…until doing one task gives you an idea for 5 more…and this projects seems like it might go on forever…lol


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Love this! That’s a super fun and cool idea! The design is so pretty!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ella says:

    What a fun idea! Really love the outcome! Can I come and hang out by your fence, please? 😉


  3. C.J. says:

    That fence looks great, and really fascinated by the patio. Giving me ideas.


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