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Dear Garden

I love how you have been growing this year
The lantanas have expanded and have amazing flowers
The cannas are getting big and healthy
The peppermint is spreading and I can smell it as I move around
And all our new additions this year are growing and love it here
It makes me happy to be here
You are really so beautiful
And so many times we say something is beautiful
And somehow that means it’s perfect
But that really isn’t true
I look around and I think to myself:
You need me to come mulch the other half of the bed better
Your roots are getting too hot
You aren’t holding in the water like you should
And the weeds are springing up too fast
You are fighting fights you don’t have to
And you are working hard in ways you shouldn’t have to
In fact, in some ways it seems you are getting too used to fighting
Let me prune you back some
Let me give you a little extras food
And I think you would feel better
You would grow easier
You would have to fight less
You would be cool and calm
You would be even more beautiful than you are now
But change is hard
Even as I do these things, you sulk, you wilt
And in the process, I’ll admit, branches and stalks will be broken off
You might have a few difficult days after I am done
But in the long run things will be better for you!
You won’t like me getting into the details of your life
You don’t like me rearranging your branches
But just trust me, this is a better spot
And if you’ll let me, you’ll get more sun this way
You’ll have it easier
And you’ll be happier.
Trust in the process

Much Love,
The Gardener

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“Believe” Pallet Messages

These are such good messages so I decided to make my own!

I’ve seen these lots of times on Pinterest
Like this one for example:
And I always thought they were so clever
And when my husband brought me these two pallets
I thought, okay, we are doing this!
They are a little different than the pallets I’ve seen before
They are both smaller and rectangles
instead of the normal square ones
They were also a bit beat up
And so I thought that would be all the better
Since maybe that would add to the “rustic” quality
And I wasn’t planning on repairing them
Which is what I should do if I was going to use them for something else

Okay, so first, I’d like to tell you that I did some cool tracing trick
And there are many that you can use
Where you print papers, trace them and then paint them
And I’ve done that also
But to be honest, I just really didn’t want to spend that long
And my printer was out of paper anyways, so hey
I just did it, freehand and there you go

I painted them in black at first
Figuring that if I messed up, I could always paint it all black
And I thought of painting it a color first
But again, I kinda liked the pallet color and roughness
So I painted the letters in black first:
Then I painted the letters in the two different colors
I love the “double message” idea of these!imag0021.jpg
Then finally I went back and put a dot-border around each letter
Using the opposite color to accent each one
It helped define the letters a bit better,
Especially if the letters tended to blended together
(like the L and the D in “world” for example)imag0023.jpg
Finally I sprayed them down with a clear coat finish
And I hung them up on the fence!
I put four big nails on the fence in a line
So that the beam of the fence would support them
They were a bit heavy so I figured I would give them a little extraimag0026.jpgimag0028.jpg
Personally I like the blue/yellow one better,
It’s contrasted better with the wood color
But I like them both hanging on the wall
Definitely gives the fence and the yard a bit more spunk
These are hung behind where the swing set is
So hopefully my kids will read them and remember them 🙂