My favorite Christmas Presents of 2016

Have you ever gotten your kids something….

And afterwards thought: I’m never buying that piece of crap again?

Happens all the time to me

I have 4 Kids 2 Girls and 2 boys so we get a wide range of toys between Christmas and birthdays and relatives and hand-me-downs

So I wanted to share the toys that my kids got this Christmas that I felt the opposite about for once

These are toys that instead of thinking “I’ll never buy that piece of crap again,” I thought “I wish I had bought 10 of these!”

1. Wearable horses!

My husband did this thing at Christmas where they dressed up as Wiseman and he got this camel to wear along with another guy in their group:

And that got me thinking….
The kids thought his camel was the funniest thing and the coolest thing they had ever seen

And so I took a look to see if there was a kid version of this?
And there was of course but I guess it’s used mostly as a costume accessory around Halloween?

Most of the reviews were from people who had used them as Halloween costumes

But I thought, hey my kids have tons of dress up stuff that they play with all the time and they have nothing like this at all and I think they would be tickled to death with them– I mean what better to go with your princess outfit than a real unicorn to ride it in right?

Some of the reviews talked about how the material or the construction of them was poor quality and my reaction to that was, well yeah have you seen all the dress up crap that they sell these days??? it’s made out of the crappiest material there is?

So I ended up getting 2 regular horses and two unicorns and they love them to death

2. Superhero capes and masks

When I bought this I don’t think I was really paying attention because I remember it being just the capes but when it came it came with all of this and it is the coolest stuff ever!

I felt like this was an amazing deal!!!

I want to buy 3 or 4 more and just give them as birthday presents because they would be the most amazing present ever even just by themselves just give a kid a mask and cape and a wristband and they would be thrilled!

The masks were amazing! super super cute and the boys just went crazy over them

And the price was super good! that was my favorite part. $25 bucks for all this?! I don’t think I could even buy the material for these at that price much less have them turn out so good and perfect

3. Magnetic Hangman

My daughter has been super in two hangmen lately for some reason

She even downloaded a game on my phone for hangman so that she could play it more often

So I thought I would try and get her some kind of game for the car 4 trips

Or I thought maybe I could find something that she could play at church?

I gotta be honest I didn’t have very high expectations I just figured there was probably something out there and whatever it was would probably be cheap and whatever

This game though is the coolest thing ever

The hangman has individual body parts that are all magnetic and then the whole board has places for you to keep score and keep track of what letters you use and play against someone

I started with really low expectations and this is over the top best quality best start out game ever

4. Paint by sticker

I like the trends in just the last couple years where they have started coming out with sticker books that are more like puzzles
I bought my kids a lot of them over the last couple years and they’re super nice where the kids have to take a sticker and match it on a page or solve a puzzle and a sticker is the answer that kind of thing. It’s a lot better than the traditional “here’s a sheet of stickers put them anywhere” approach

So I found this for my daughter who is very into art and I thought that this was a good next step for her? It’s not only stickers and following directions but it also shows different kinds of shading and artsy type principles like that

Add to that that it takes a bit of concentration to do and she is 8 years old and this is a gold mine

And then add to that… Did you know that the rest of these existed? So in that same trend of products are not only paint by number but build by number and constructing different things with stickers

I never knew about these before but hello these will be birthday presents for my kids for the next year… Brilliant idea…

5. Mermaid and Shark blankets

It seems like a lot of people got these mermaid blankets this year and I don’t blame them
I think these are a super cute idea and even though I think the mermaid tails are super cute I thought that the sharks and fish we’re just as funny

It’s almost like a sleeping bag because they put their feet inside of them and they are super soft and nice and hey also pretty funny to walk by and see your kid watching TV with his feet inside a fish….

6. Headphones!!!

This was a present that I thought to myself why in the world have I never bough t these before? I mean seriously where has my brain been on vacation that it never occurred to me to buy headphones for my very loud little boy to be very loud with without being loud at all?
This kind sits right on his head he doesn’t have to try and put them inside his ears which for those of you with kids that’s like an impossible feat and they do super good sound and are very durable

7. Small battery operated piano

The reason that I got the idea for headphones was because of this toy!
This is the coolest little keyboard you’ve ever seen. It runs on batteries only (which is actually kind of odd I wish it came with a power cord and I thought that it did but there was none in the Box?)

But here we are a week after Christmas and he’s played it lots of times and it still doesn’t need new batteries so hey whatever…

This is the perfect little keyboard for my little piano Enthusiast thoughb it’s mobile, it looks fancy and it can do all kinds of Beats and different things and he can take it wherever he wants!

And the best part is that he just plugs in his headphones and he can jam out and be as loud and crazy as he wants and his mother doesn’t go crazy

I bought stickers for the keys that show what the notes are that was an extra thing what makes the keyboard look extra cool, don’t you think? And hopefully it helps him learn the notes and all that of course…

7. Amazon Echo

And finally my last favorite thing is this product
I feel kind of like I’m jumping on the bandwagon here but this is the coolest thing ever 

You can ask it questions just like you would on Google on your phone or you can have it play music from either Pandora or your own personal albums, you can ask it the weather, you can ask it funny questions. it’s a lot like Siri on iPhones only just sits on your table at home.

My kids actually use it a lot they ask it questions they ask what the weather will be and they even use it to play their favorite songs

I like it for two reasons number one because I can just ask it to play music for me without having to be on my phone. I can just tell it to play a certain type of music and there you go, easy. I don’t even have to touch anything.

Number two reason is that my husband actually uses it and for  things that he usually would ask me 🙂 nothing complicated but questions like is it going to rain tomorrow? Or random facts or we’ve used it to look up movie times for our date night. It’s nice that is easy enough to use that he can use it as well without having to stress about it being complicated.


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