7 reasons you should decorate for Valentine’s Day right after Christmas

Number 1: January has no holidays. So unless you have some Martin Luther King jr. Day decorations to get out? It’s time to get out the hearts and crepe paper

Number 2: It’s fun and I got to tell you January isn’t very fun. You put the Christmas decorations away,  your house feels clean and spacious for like a day and then it’s not so clean, it’s just empty and bare and sad and  it’s snowing or raining outside and you know, its a lot more fun to decorate than it is to stare at empty walls.

Number 3: pink is a very cheerful color and I gotta tell you I think the number one month where people feel depressed is January. Christmas is over but winter is still here; your bank account doesn’t have near as much money as it did before because of Christmas, which is over by the way. And you know pink is just happy! So don’t go painting your walls this color or anything but scattering a few hearts and flowers around the room isn’t going to get anyone upset

Number 4: there is no reason why you shouldn’t. Valentine’s Day is like the most unassociated holiday ever. It has no religious grounding that I’m aware of, it has no real reason at all to be celebrated. There is no “real meaning” of Valentine’s Day or any deep psychological evaluating that needs to happen in order to celebrate. We’re talking we made up this holiday where all we do is give each other chocolate and gifts and go out for a cool date. I mean that’s it! That’s the whole holiday: gifts and a night out which frankly doesn’t sound like a bad idea in the middle of winter. 
Number 5: Valentine’s Day is roughly six weeks after New Year’s which means that if you started your healthy new regiment and you do well, this can be your reward for doing so good on your diet and exercise for the new year. And they say that the best way to motivate yourself and to remind yourself of your success is to have things around you that remind you of your goals. So hey Valentine’s Day decorations should remind you to exercise and eat right so that you can have that super cool night out to celebrate your hard work

Number 6: that kindergarten assessment is coming up and one of the things that they need to know how to do is use? scissors. And do you know what one of the easiest shapes to make with scissors is? A heart. It’s really hard to screw up a heart. It really is! Even mangled lopsided hearts can be endearing and even creative. So sit your little kids down,  have them cut out some hearts to decorate with and pat yourself on the back for your educational assimilation of the holidays into your child’s development.

Number 7: making roses boosts your self-esteem. Do you know how you make paper roses? You cut red paper into like 2 or 3 inch strips and then you roll them together. Serious.


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