Painting a photo backdrop

Standing at the Regional Sterling Scholar awards ceremony my Senior year, I realized something:

I had not done enough “community” art.

Looking at binders of portfolios that my fellow competitors had made showed pictures of hours of hours of time spent decorating floats and painting backdrops for school plays.

I had done neither. And up until that point, I had never even thought of doing it? 

Where were my priorities?? As an accomplished Art Sterling Scholar Applicant, I felt my art career was ill-spent suddenly. I had not painted for the Drama Club in their production of Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat, I had not stayed up all night stapling sequins onto the Homecoming float! What was I thinking?

After this realization I walked to take my seat on the stage for the awards assembly, certain that my artistic talents had been wasted in drawing and photography and my smarter-fellow-artists had known how important floats really were.

I ended up winning the entire competition–Regional Visual Arts Sterling Scholar for Sevier County–and let me tell you, there was no one more shocked than me.

So now here we are, years later when I still have had no experience at all at backdrops or float making. *sigh*

So for our Halloween party this last year, I really wanted to have a photo backdrop during the party. (Reclaim my ill-spent youth and all that) I thought of just doing some decorations OR….I could paint a backdrop!?

Crazy right?

I used one of my photo backdrop white sheets…one that was torn at the bottom anyways so no loss if it was a huge disaster. Lol…

It went pretty well?

First I did a basic outline:

Tried to figure out where things would overlap and such…

Next it was mostly a coloring project…fill in the spaces w black because this was a straight black and white….not complicated (baby steps, right?)

And finally, paint some faces on these little guys 

I painted the two-front-teeth missing one in honor of my two toothless girls 🙂

The idea of it being that you would be standing in a crowd of ghosts, get it?

Total I think this took me 3 hours to complete? Mostly in my garage, after my kids were put to bed, laying on the ground trying not to kneel on the wrong spots of the fabric 🙂

I will totally do one next year…I saved this one but who knows if it’ll keep for a year or not?

The actual photo shoot at the party left a bit to be desired (backdrop should have been higher, lighting was too harsh but hey, still cute) 

But overall, idea was great 🙂


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