Anime meet The Babysitters Club

Have you seen these?

My daughter discovered these a couple weeks ago and has read them all.
And I don’t know if these have been around for awhile and I’m just barely showing up at the party or what, but have you seen these?

They are graphic novels….only instead of the Anime type stuff or even comic book theme, it’s just a regular story.

In fact it’s the Babysitters Club! 
It’s the same story, the same dialogue and mirrors the original stories exactly only…illustrated!

My 8 year old is a pretty good reader already but she’s also a very visual person
And as an English teacher I think, how cool is that that she can read these cute little stories (which we had already read together even)  and learn to imagine the characters and the settings of the story.

I just think these are such good reading skills practice and let me tell you, I wasn’t always a fan. I’ve had my students in middle school and high school ask me if they count or not and I’ve always been hesitant.

Do they count? Is that, should that be considered Reading? 

I still don’t know what I think about most graphic novels but these types that mirror an actual novel seem so valuable for those early readers and developing those reading skills.


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