Sing or Dare?

You have to do this game next Sunday

I made two sets of each thing: musical notes and surprise emojis:

I did 4 for Jr and 4 for Sr and made them different colors so I wouldn’t get them confused and have to try and figure out which was which (and there isn’t a huge difficulty difference so it would have been fine but just gave me a little peace of mind)

So the board only showed 4 of each at a time:

I put the words to the song we were practicing (the flipchart) up there too inbetween the title and the notes/faces

Then I just called a person up and they got to choose a Note or a Face. If they chose the “Dare,” then they did whatever it said to do:

I believe the orange is Sr and green is Jr

I kept calling people up until someone chose a Sing. Each Sing card had instructions to sing 1 of the 3 verses and one haf them singing the whole song so we sang the song 4 times:

Each Song card also had instructions for HOW we were going to sing it as well

NOTES: This was a really good Sr and Jr game, both ages really enjoyed it and enjoyed having the choice to sing or do something funny.


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