Four Popular Art projects Your Child could Do Today: Day 1 “The Desert”

I see things on Pinterest all the time and think, wouldn’t that be fun to do? But its all so random and seems like we never get to them.

So I went through a bunch of ideas and put them together under themes that seemed more managable.

This is the series of “Art Classes” that I designed and thought someone out there would like to save some time and use.

Each class has four activities that go around a central theme. Each activity (not counting the prep time you might spend) is about 15 to 20 minutes long.

If you wanted to do all four activities at the same time, figure an hour or so.

If you wanted to do one activity a day with your child, you could spend 15 minutes doing it and then do other things. (So instead of Day 1 it would be more like Week#1)


Folded Snake:
Sun Texture:
Slinky Lizards:
Qtip Desert Animals:

Missed a Day? Check out these also:

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