Why I’m Hooked on a Bullet Journal

So I started doing a bullet journal the week that school started…

I’ve wanted to start one before but never had the right book for it…

When we were school shopping, I found the perfect one and thought…this. this is it.

So far I’ve really enjoyed it and here’s why:

1. It validates how crazy my day was. Sounds funny but really, it helps me realize that yes, this day was insane! You don’t have to act like it wasn’t and hello? of course you are tired! You did a billion things today!

2. It helps me be a little creative. I don’t always draw a picture in my entries but I like to and it helps ease that creative itch, ya know? I feel like at least I wasn’t a completely productionless artist today…

3. It’s not a big deal BUT it is. I feel like I have recorded my day! Let’s be honest, I’d love to be able to sit down and make a long, thought out, reflective, life changing entry in my journal every day but pffff….I have 4 kids, a job, a husband and a slipping grip on my sanity and hardly any time to spare. This is fast and satisfying and Done.

4. I record things here that have no other outlet. I mean just so many small details that I’d like to remember and can’t unless I have something to remind me. So many small experiences that would never feature as a main event even if I kept a journal…here is where they are. When I have bad dreams…I mean its not something I would even remember after even one day or even tell anyone, but I’ve often thought about how one night of odd weird dreams effects my day…or if the day before produced them?

5. It helps me see my life as a cycle instead of just a series of random days. I try to summarize each day of the month in one word and it’s crazy how each month unfolds. Sometimes it’s a wonder I get anything done at all looking at it


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