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What Pinterest and My Sock Drawer have in Common

I feel like Pinterest and I have become better friends over the years

When we first met, Pinterest was this really fascinating resource

And now here we are years later, and it’s still fascinating

But I feel like Pinterest is like an old file cabinet…

It’s got all kinds of really amazing things in it…. But…
Where are they?

Some of my folders have 500+ pins in them

Which is great…. but I’m starting to feel like Pinterest was an overstuffed sock drawer…

Time to do some organizing and see what’s actually there

So I had this idea:
I started going though my Halloween board first because it happened to be Halloween at the time.

I decided to start making boards based on things I would actually NEED this information for:

I made a board called “Halloween Pumpkins
This board started gathering all the info on carving, designing and decor that had to do with pumpkins
(Which turns out was what MOST Of my Halloween pins were about…who knew?)pincode_202451014438403961

Then I made one called “Halloween Costumes” because who isn’t stressed about that around Halloween right? First he wanted to be a Ninja and now he’s saying he wants to be a Vampire… I mean really? So another board was created…

And you know what?
I was very shocked.
Suddenly I had pins to fill up Boards about
Halloween Spiders,
Halloween Ghosts
Candy Corn,
Halloween Bats,
Halloween Photography,
Halloween Monsters
and Halloween Games.
Then added very quickly…
Halloween Cakes
(why does everyone want to do a Cake Walk at Halloween anyway?),
Apples and Cider,
Halloween Witches
and Halloween Black Cats
(which shows what a big fan I am NOT of cats I guess haha)
and then Ideas for Halloween parties
and House Decor

How did Halloween have 12 sub-sections???
This last Halloween I also felt like I USED so much more,
did so much more
from the ideas I had
because I knew EXACTLY where everything was.
(Okay I’m exaggerating, but it really was amazingly unstressful this year and we did so much fun stuff)

I moved on to Christmas and in a very short time had Christmas boards for:
Elf on the Shelf,
Gifts Ideas,
House Decor
Hot Cocoa
Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer,
Candy Canes,
the Grinch,
Christmas morning,
Frosty the Snowman,
Christmas Trees,
12 Days/Advent,
the Nativity,
Polar Express
and Christmas photography.

Somewhere in there I also did a few things for Thanksgiving
but found that really all I pinned about Thanksgiving was about PIES
and then a few things about kids activities
and gratitude
and a few things about food…
but mostly PIES.
So I have a Thanksgiving Pies board that is excellent…
not sure if the others are that great yet,
as you can see where my focus is during that holiday…

And the result?
I’ve started getting more specific results
I felt like suddenly the things on my feed were EXACTLY about what I had been searching for in the last few weeks
One of the things I have read is about how Pinterest “Gets to Know” a Pin
Say you were create a pin about Halloween
How does Pinterest “know” what this pin is really about?
It might look at the picture?
It might look at the description?
(but let’s be honest, a lot of the times the description is “Pin now, read later” or “This pin is so amazing” so not too specific there)
But it also starts to “know” based on where people put it…
And I guess somewhere out there, some poor pins are finding their specific descriptions…
They aren’t just “halloween ideas”
They are Halloween Pumpkins, okay?
Let’s be specific here…
It’s not just “Christmas Ideas”
It’s about Gingerbread Houses people!

So hey, you’re welcome I guess?
And now Pinterest seems less like a sock drawer…
And more like my amazing collection…

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Kitchen Table Remodel

My kitchen table was super ugly

I have two boys who like to pound their utensils while they eat

Then add to that the finish on this table was always weird and faulty from the beginning…so we are hard on it but it shouldn’t be this bad this fast either

I found these stencils on Pinterest from

They came in less than a week so it was nice to be able to finish it all over the break

I painted the tabletop in Honfluer Chalk Paint

Then that night HM uses his air brush gun to help me paint on the stencils. They send you half the design for the bigger ones so its a puzzle type assembly for a bit

You have to paint half, let it dry, then paint the other half

I must say the air brush gun was a lifesaver…I figured this would be an entire day project but it was a couple hours and done…pretty cool

We also did my wooden Lazy Susan slab that I usually have on the table: up to this point it’s been pretty mismatched so I wanted to have it all tied together

I ordered a smaller version of the same pattern for this

How’s that for a transformation huh? I am so proud of my table….

Next step: HM is going to put a clear epoxy finish on to protect the table feom my crazy boys…. more on that later….