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Kitchen Table Remodel

My kitchen table was super ugly

I have two boys who like to pound their utensils while they eat

Then add to that the finish on this table was always weird and faulty from the beginning…so we are hard on it but it shouldn’t be this bad this fast either

I found these stencils on Pinterest from

They came in less than a week so it was nice to be able to finish it all over the break

I painted the tabletop in Honfluer Chalk Paint

Then that night HM uses his air brush gun to help me paint on the stencils. They send you half the design for the bigger ones so its a puzzle type assembly for a bit

You have to paint half, let it dry, then paint the other half

I must say the air brush gun was a lifesaver…I figured this would be an entire day project but it was a couple hours and done…pretty cool

We also did my wooden Lazy Susan slab that I usually have on the table: up to this point it’s been pretty mismatched so I wanted to have it all tied together

I ordered a smaller version of the same pattern for this

How’s that for a transformation huh? I am so proud of my table….

Next step: HM is going to put a clear epoxy finish on to protect the table feom my crazy boys…. more on that later….


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