How to shoot the Super Blue Blood Moon in 2037

  1. Look up the exact times when the eclipse will start and stop:screenshot_20180130-2048161898003706.png
  2. Set your alarm to go off at 3am, 4am and 5am and hope for the best
  3. Practice on the actual regular moon to see if you can do it… that way it isn’t the middle of the night and you trying to figure out the settings: Because at 3am I find it’s a lot harder to think about how to fix this:IMG_6891And make it look more like this:IMG_7108
  4. I also set up my tripod (but under the patio so it wouldn’t get too cold) and I set out my camera, already set to the settings I had figured out.
  5. Get up! At about 3am, the moon was still big and full and pretty but no show yet: I went back to bed.
  6. Then I woke up at 4am: it was just beginning to start and I took a few pictures and then thought, eh… cool but it’s 4am, and I’m gonna just get more of this so hey… one more hour…
    start of eclipsedarkness descends
    The SUPER cool thing though, is that when I started editing them, I was just messing around with the brightness guages on the program and decided to turn the brightness all the way up and look what it did:
    superbluemoon light thrown out
    Isn’t that crazy? Guess there was more light there than I imagined 🙂
  7. Then at 5am, I was like THIS IS SO COOL!!!
    I shot from 5am to 6:21 when I had to RUN and get ready for work because I was supposed to leave in 15 minutes! hahared red moon

    last one
    This was my last shot of the morning… about 6:15am and the moon coming out after a very busy night
    IMG_6973 2
    This shot was catching some reflections I guess you could say from a nearby light and gave it a cool effect I think
    bluebloodmoon almost over
    This is just as it was ending…the light just barely breaking

    blue blood moon


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