Singing Time Olympics

This was a lot of fun today… highly recommend it!

I used the medal graphics from HERE
This is a super cute Singing Time for the Olympics


It’s about the Summer Olympics so not applicable for right now


The Medals were super cute and so I thought we would improvise:2-875143c5e6

How cute are these, right?

I printed 2 copies of each medals paper (which gave me 8 medals in each category)

I printed them out on cardstock and taped ribbons to them

I brought 3 of these magnets which I use for other things at home but roped into use for this:screenshot_20180225-2158031678856398.png

And then I arranged all my flipcharts for all the songs we have learned this year all around them and that is what the kids walked in to see.


Now here was the rule: I gave them this speech about how cool the Olympics were and how I wanted to see if I had any Olympic Singers here today?

Then I showed them their “events” and said that each verse of the song would be an “event” and that some of the verses might be easier to win the Gold for… versus others might be more difficult because everyone might know those verses REALLY WELL so you’d have to do super good to get the Gold?

Anyway, so we started out with the first verse of “My Heavenly Father Loves Me.”

I chose three volunteers from raised hands… I thought it was best to do volunteer vs. random selection because of my speech: I mean I told them to think about their “Gold Medal” song and so the idea was if they were volunteering, they were confident in this song and not another…right?


Anyway, so we chose three people: they came up and put their backs to the board (where the words were) and I chose a judge (one of the teachers–who were mostly new because we recently had a bunch of new callings so lots of new faces and they were very excited to be helping…albeit a bit nervous haha)

Then, one by one they had to recite the lyrics to the song.

Then I said: Alright, let’s sing it and the Medal Ceremony awards will be coming soon… kinda like a commercial break or something right? Very tricky.

So when the song ended, the judge came up and I handed them a Gold, Silver and Bronze medal and they put them over their heads and then everyone sat down.

From there I announced the next Event (the next verse) and I called for volunteers.

Honestly, it was the CUTEST thing ever. The kids were so tickled with their medals and wore them all day.


A couple NOTES:
1. In the final round as we were finishing up, the Sunbeam teacher suggested that the Sunbeam class ALL recite a very together (repeating after her as she said it) and then they all got a medal (which worked perfectly because we had the right amount of medals left and it was the last song and they LOVED IT so it all worked out.

2. We did have a few medals left over that we ended up giving to the 2nd Year Sunbeams (we don’t actually call them this, but you know what I mean) because they were so good and just sat there in amazement the whole time. They are a REALLY QUIET group of kids, very shy so they didn’t even THINK of volunteering but were very excited to get a medal.

3. There is an option on her design to print another type of medal that just says “Olympic Singer” on it… but I didn’t want to do that. Mostly because I’m opposed to giving things to people if they don’t earn them, but I think that might have been a good idea overall or maybe as a followup next week or something.


4. Another idea I had, but didn’t have time to arrange: the medals, despite being printed on Cardstock, were still kinda light. I thought that it would have been cool to glue a chocolate coin to the back to give it more weight and also to give them a treat along with their medal. Just a thought if you have time–the lady who designed these suggested this as the actual medals but I think that the size of the paper ones are more exciting and the candy would just be a cool addition to help it feel more real, but anyway, I didn’t have time to do that step but it would be fun.


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