Are you Feeling Lucky? Primary Singing Time


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I was really tired the night before this Sunday and desperate for something easy.
I had on my schedule that we were doing a St. Patrick’s Day something for Singing Time to practice “If the Savior Stood Beside Me”

But my printer was out of colored ink so planned on doing THIS with clovers and such but that was a No Go.
And I was tired and not in the mood to spend another hour of my SUPER hectic Saturday prepping my lesson so… Daylight Savings Time, end of 3rd Quarter at school and so….this lesson was born.

I used what I had around the house which included a huge green cauldron filled with gold plastic coins that we bought from a yard sale several years ago. (I put links there for you in case you didn’t happen upon a yard sale as I did–these aren’t as expensive as I thought they would be!)

My children drive me INSANE with it every year because I did this big “activity” one year with them that consisted of throwing the coins all over our courtyard and having them scramble around for how many they could get in a certain time period… that was several years ago but they are still STOKED about it every time the coins come back out.

I had to sort through them to get out all the crusty old broken ones and get down to the good ones that would be presentable for church, haha….

My lot of coins happened to include some greens ones like these or like these or THESE! so I gathered all those and made sure there were only the 8 that I wanted for the songs and the rest were all gold ones. I wrote numbers on the green ones and then mixed them back up with the gold ones in the cauldron.


Now the fun part of this lesson is the my last name is Irish. So it goes well with the intro here 🙂 Your name is probably not so fitting to a St. Patrick’s Day singing time but make do 🙂

I started out by saying: Who is feeling lucky today? How much Irish (my name) Luck do we have today? 

I have here a bucket of gold coins (I grabbed a handful of them from the bucket to show them) (and they all got excited) and most of my coins are GOLD, see?

BUT, there are also 10 GREEN coins in here with numbers written on them (I pulled one out to show them) and here on the board are 10 papers that go with them.

These papers had been folded in half with the number written on the outside and had 3 things on them:

St Patricks Day prompt

This document–in it’s revised and much prettier form–is HERE: St Patricks Day prompts

  1. A St. Patty’s joke (I mostly got them from HERE)
  2. The song we were going to sing (summary of every song we had learned so far)
  3. How many points it was worth–intervals of 5 up to 25 so there were 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 point cards

One person is going to come up
(one from each team, alternating back and forth)

You are going to grab a huge handful of coins from the cauldron and see if you get any Green coins. 

If you don’t? It’s the next person’s turn. (I figured this would be VERY rare and it was NOT. Only once did the FIRST person pull out a green coin. Most of the time we had 5-8 people pull out handfuls before someone got a Green Coin.–this was great because that meant that EVERYONE got a turn but it also meant that we pulled out coins OVER and OVER and never got a green one and so that process went a little longer than I thought it would)

If you DO get a green coin, you get to read the joke and tell us what song we are singing and how many points it’s worth.

These jokes were actually pretty cute and everyone liked them 🙂

Now, the POINTS will be awarded to the team that sings the song the BEST (I had the Primary Presidency judge which side won) and that team will be awarded the points.

This meant that they sang SO LOUD and GOOD that they drowned out the piano 🙂 I mean seriously, it was the hardest thing to judge because everyone sang and did great and the “race” was very very very close. I think the final team ended up winning by 5pts

This was another HUGE hit and the kids loved it.
I ended up giving the “winning” team each a gold coin to take home 🙂

Maybe next time I could buy some chocolate gold coins to give out? That would have been a good idea?


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