Find the Chick

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This singing time was a great super fun time.
I can’t say that the quality of the singing time was too good
But that’s kinda my general opinion of the “find the note” game in general
But this added a cool twist to it that the kids were HYSTERICAL with….

First, we divided them into two teams
Then I called the first team’s person up (picked from the most reverent person)
And they got to pick a hand: this gave them only two choices (versus having them draw out of a hat or something and give them all the choices at once)

I liked doing the “pick a hand” too because it was different than normal and made the results a little easier to control…

Like if I knew that one of the sunbeams were coming up, I would put two easy options in my hand and if I knew a bigger kid was coming up, I could put harder options.  We have a combined Primary so I liked being able to make it easier and harder depending on which kid came up.

I wrote 10 options down on pieces of paper—half were the “find the chick” prompts w/a point amount and the other half were just random things to do to just magically earn Hpoints for their team without doing the “searching.”
Find the Chick

Download your copy HERE

I was a big fan of this part because it moved the points along and made the game a little more competitive…I don’t think that the kids were as big a fan of this feature because they all wanted to be the one to hunt for the chick or hide it… But whatever, it was good.

Basic rules here were that the team that was Searching got the points
(whatever the paper indicated)
IF they found the Chick before the verse ended.
If they DIDN’T find the Chick in that time, the OTHER team got the points.
Most of the time they found it pretty fast, but there were quite a few upsets as well where they came up with some super good hiding places and fooled them.

We sang one verse at a time of “If the Savior Stood Beside Me” since that was the song we are learning this month and they kids mostly already know it so it was a good light practice of the song since they didn’t need a super detailed practice of the words.

I brought these stuffed chicks that I had with my Easter stuff because well… they are adorable and I thought, little toys as cute as these should certainly be part of something in Singing time because they are the cutest little things ever. I had two of them and brought both because I figured they would come in handy…which they did.

Through most of Singing time, the alternate chick was held by a Sunbeam kid who was mad he didn’t get a turn or another turn or whatever it was….

THEN the grand finale of the game was we chose one person from each team and had the opposite team each hide one and they looked for them together while we sang the song one last time.

I told them each chick was worth 25 points and if one of them found TWO? Then double points right? I said we would just be singing the song, not singing loud or soft to hint at where they were to make it harder (also because it would be impossible to do with two people).

Each kid ended up finding one in the end though so it was just a fun Finale.

The fun part of having a stuffed animal to hide instead of just a piece of paper or a picture (which is what we have always used in the past) was that instead of hiding it on the walls or things like that, they had to come up with different places than they had used before.

This little duck thing was soft and squishable so could be stuffed in all sorts of places… the back of the piano, inside people’s pockets, in between the curtains, down people’s boots (LOL) and inside the teacher’s coat. This got the “crowd” a lot more involved than they have been before because normally they had to hide it “outside” the crowd of kids because it had to be seen. But with this yellow fuzzy chick, it was recognizable enough to hide it different locations. And it was all pretty funny.

This was definitely one of the all time best Singing Times we’ve done.


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