Writing a Research Paper: 2nd Draft


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Writing a Research Paper Second Draft headerThese are the slides that I use to transition my kids from their Rough Draft to writing their 2nd Draft.

At this point, we have finished writing their Rough Draft paragraphs which if you haven’t read yet, go HERE first!

You can find the complete Powerpoint file here:  Writing your 2nd Draft

You can find the same file in a PDF file here: Writing your 2nd Draft

(and hopefully those work, if they don’t, email me!


This is the slide I put up at the beginning of class for them to start with and then they start sorting them once class starts
Because their Rough Draft was so long, writing the 2nd Draft is a process of elimination: this day is to help them cut out the paragraphs that don’t matter or were poorly written or have repetitive info and get down to the good stuff that they will include in their 2nd Draft


By this point, they should have a stack of papers and be ready to start typing!
MLA format says that anything over three pages needs a title page to this is how to do it. I find it’s best to do it at this point than to wait because then they have it already written down and can type from here.
After they have sorted all their paragraphs, we talk about what pieces they will include.  This is what I show them to start talking about how LITTLE space they actually have: Their introduction goes at the beginning and the Conclusion goes at the end, so all the space inbetween is what they have to fill up
Now depending on how long their Paragraphs are, some of them might only need 8 paragraphs to get to their 5 page mark?
Others might need more than that if they can fit 3 or more paragraphs on a page? Some of them might need even more? This is why we sorted the paragraphs so that as you need another one, you can add it in order of it’s relevance or quality
This is what the final product should look like and this is also the slide that I very often will leave up as they work.
This is the next step in the process so as people start to finish their typing, I direct them to their next steps.

You can get the Peer and Adult Review papers HERE:



Once they finish these steps, the Final Draft is due!

As far as a time frame: my classes started this process on Monday–we sorted their cards, and started typing their 2nd Draft and then typed Tues and Wed and part of Thurs. The 2nd Draft was due Thurs and then they were supposed to do the Adult and Peer Review sometime Friday or over the weekend and the Final Draft was due Monday.


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