Writing a Research Paper: Organizing your Research Cards


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Writing a Research Paper Organizing Research CardsI do this activity as the Final Day after we have finished our 2-3 days of Research
This is to help them make sure they have all the information they will need before we move on to the next step.

This is especially important for the Citation information and I’ve found it helps a lot to get the Citations right during this step to prevent many problems later in the Drafts

If you would like the actual Powerpoint Presentation it’s HERE: Organizing Research Cars

If you would like the PDF Version of this it’s HERE: Organizing Research Cars
(I found that when I posted the Powerpoint file on Google Classroom it messed up the spacing so the PDF was better if the kids were viewing it on Chromebooks:


I usually have to tell them that while I color-coded the cards, they do not have to but they can if they want. Some kids will get THESE colors and do the highlighting to match and that’s fine but one color is also fine.
We talk about this as they are doing them as well but it’s a good reminder here: have a title that is ORIGINAL! If your Topic is Adoption, that means that ALL of your cards should be about Adoption, right? So don’t put “Adoption” as your Title (especially on every card!). Put “Options to Adopt” or “Where to Adopt” Something specific so you can tell your cards apart and not have to reread everything


I love this slide LOL this is one of the single biggest helps when we get to this point! This helps clarify a lot of issues with Citations that help them get it right


The final product of this exercise should be a Works Cited page! That is usually what I tell them is their “Ticket Out” or Due Before They Leave as this days finishes.  The next day we start on their Paragraphs/Rough Draft

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