Putting together a Sunday Book (aka How I got my kids to behave in church)


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Sunday book headerHahaha ha

That’s funny, okay so my kids are not angels, and they are decent in church, especially now that they are older, but I started to notice more and more that while they weren’t screaming or crying or running down the aisles (anymore), they weren’t doing what I wanted them to be doing either….

So what did I want them to do? That was what I started asking myself…

I went to BYU… and graduated unmarried 🙂

I was on Seminary Council in High School….

I was single until I was 27 so was essentially in Singles Wards for 10 years…

And I am an avid writer… I have boxes of journals and notes that I have written and taken in many different settings.

Conclusion? I spent a lot of time in church by myself...no kids, no screaming, no anything, just me and church and a lot of time to myself to figure things out in peace and quiet (it’s definitely not like this anymore! haha)

So what did I expect? I wanted them to be reflective. I wanted them to think and to ponder their lives and I wanted them to make good use of their time when/if the speakers were boring (I mean that’s basic coping strategies) but when they got diverted, and they would, I wanted them to divert to good things that would also support their spiritual development.

But as I looked around at even Adults around me, very few of them did this. I saw very few people taking notes on the speakers (as opposed to how I was taught for years to behave in Sac.Mtg while at college or in the singles wards). And while I hope reflection was present, I didn’t see anything serious going on, at least from the outside.

So this is what I came up with:
*I wanted my kids to reflect on their week and how to do better the next week,
*Take notes on the meeting
*and if time permitted, memorize a scripture or a quote
*OR ponder on that quote or scripture to prompt inspiration that way if needed.

The first parts were easy–just a simple Word document:


These documents are
HERE: Cover page  and HERE: Title page

These were the first two pages of the book and I printed them front and back as the cover and the back of the cover with the basic instructions

Next, I put together a set of 4 different things. I made 24 sets of these to account for 6 months of time. I figure every General Conference we would replace the quotes with new ones from the newest Conference and have another volume of reflections.

I printed all these 4 to a page on white cardstock.  It ended up being about 150 pages long and was a small little book that they could carry in their purses or with their scriptures. I printed 4 to a page, double-sided and had to do two different “sets” so that was 48 pieces of cardstock, each side printed.

I used one ink cartridge almost entirely but not completely, which  honestly was pretty good I thought. I think that I could have done it with one whole color one if I had wanted to? I got 4 books out of that.

I think if I was doing it maybe just for me and my husband, I would maybe print it 2 to a page? The books aren’t small, I think they are perfectly sized (I was worried they would be too small to really write on but I was wrong).

So each “week” included the following:

  1. Reflection on the Following and Coming Week:


This document is HERE: Thought Page 2

2. Memorize a scripture:


I bought these from HERE and thought they were so perfect for this book.  The file comes as a full page or 4 to a page which again was perfect for this since that was how I was doing the other pages also

3. Notes on Sacrament Meeting:


The file for this is HERE: Meeting Notes

I opted here to NOT put the Sacrament Hymn because I figured they would be doing other things. I put a space for the Hymn here to help them start to notice the songs and also help them remember to SING! (they really don’t always, in fact sometimes I wonder if they even notice that a song is being sung)

4. Motivational Quotes (from General Authorities/General Conference?)


Now there are a TON of these on Pinterest and they are so cool and you could literally print an entire book of JUST THESE. So here are a few samples of them… I made 4 different sets of them.

These are basically just random quotes that I liked and threw on a document to print 4 to a page for the book. I figure in the future I would do a set of exclusively the most Recent GenConf but for now, it was just Wow, Cool Quote… that was the entire selection process

Here is SET ONE: 24 Quotes Set 1

SET TWO: 24 Quotes Set 2

SET THREE: 24 Quotes Set 3

SET FIVE: 24 Quotes Set 5

Did you catch that? I did Set 4 of only quotes that could be Black and White and would not require color ink if you, like I was at that time, were out of color ink and wanted to just print them in regular black ink only 🙂 They are in color on the screen but if you print them in Greyscale, they still look great 🙂


So here is SET 4 that still look great in BW printing: 24 Quotes Set 4 BW

I printed all the notes pages on the back of the pictures/scriptures so that when they looked at the book, it had notes on one page and a scripture/quote on the other.


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