Brave New World Daily Quizzes

Brave New World Study Guide and Daily QuizzesAre you reading Brave New World? We are. I read 1984 for many years and this year I got the other option of teaching Brave New World and thought we would try it. Very interesting book and an interesting companion to 1984–wish we could somehow read both even, that would be a very interesting unit… if we only had unlimited time in the year, right?

For starters, these quiz questions come from their study guide that I gave them at the beginning:

Brave New World Study Guide

I made this from just compiling various political cartoons I found and putting them together. I intended to somehow incorporate them into a lesson or discussion but sadly, it never made it that far, it was just a cool cover; maybe next time.

The Word Doc. for this Study guide is HERE: BNW Study Guide

Next, I told my students that they would have a quiz every day on their reading for the night before and put reminders on Classroom for them with the question options there also as reminders and I’d like to think they read and answered the questions and were always prepared…but, you know that’s not true, but hey, at least they were warned.

Below are the quizzes that I gave them each day. I usually put up the first slide on the overhead to just remind them what the quiz would be on and gave them a few minutes to study.

The PowerPoint slides are animated so each question comes on by itself so that you can do the quiz progressively.

When we corrected the quizzes, I tried to discuss certain aspects of the book with them as we answered the questions so the questions that I selected were chosen based on what I wanted to make sure they had actually learned and remembered from the chapter.

The PowerPoint file is HERE: BNW Daily Quizzes2


I liked having all the quizzes together in one file and I like PowerPoint (I only recently got upgraded in my classroom so that this was even possible) because it lets you only show certain things so I very often made the quiz for the NEXT day during lunch or while the kids worked even though they never saw it until the next day. Also, it made it nice because everything was there together to keep up with one class being on one chapter and another class being on another…

Doing it this way also made it nice when I was gone one time because it was something I could print out and have the sub do and it stayed organized and I didn’t have to retype anything or get it ready and I looked like I had it all together… and that’s always a good illusion to create 🙂



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