Duck, Duck, READ! Lottery Game

Duck Duck Read Lottery Game

SSR can be torturous… is that just me?
So I came up with this game to help and to give some random kids motivation to actually read and actually work… It’s the end of the year and man, we need all the motivation we can get! And everyone likes a game of chance, especially when it comes to their helping their poor failing grades! ha!

We use this Reading Log: Reading Log CP Their weekly homework is to read 30pgs every night (two sections).

Download the PowerPoint HERE

This was the slide I put up while they came in and started explaining as soon as the bell rang. All they had to do was get their book and sit down and we started.
…and then 5 more pages and then 5 more… get it? Every 5 pages is your “ticket”
My kids know how to count to 100 well (They are Seniors) so this was more just a visual aide, not a reference but I thought it was cute and matched so well 🙂
There were a few people who thought that the page number was what they were winning from, so I made this to show them it was a number they MADE UP, not the page number. One girl came up and asked how she would compete since she was on page 130 in her book? So hopefully this cleared that up.


I used this timer:

I have used these times lots of times but this is one of the only ones that allows you to change the number of “contestants” in the race. We have “bet” on the winners before but never to this extent.

I clicked on this Timer:


And then set the Ducks to 100:

download (2)

I walked around while they were reading to check to make sure that they were really writing their numbers as they went so that they weren’t cheating 🙂
This is the summary page I initially made and then made other slides later to explain it even MORE because people were getting confused. This is something I might use in Future Rounds to remind them really fast of the rules.

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