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Motivating kids to read is sometimes very difficult and getting them to get through a potentially LONG passage adds a special challenge.

Finish reading an Article BINGO:

We are doing a Juvenile Justice Unit in our ERWC curriculum and we spent the last two days reading this Greg Ousely article: Greg Ousley Is Sorry for Killing His Parents and we still weren’t finished and I figured a 3rd Day of me reading to the kids (despite the great discussions we had and different pictures we used and such) was probably not the best idea for a Thursday.

So we played a game instead and they read the remaining 4-5 pages with their partner and did a very thorough job of it I think because of this game. I was very satisfied with how they did, gotta be honest. Sometimes games waste time and distract but this did seem to focus them pretty well because they were looking for answers.

Download the PowerPoint HERE

This was their initial slide that was up coming into class. I didn’t have the two white boxes up at first, those were “animations” that I put up after they had initially made their Bingo paper. Saying “choose a partner” generally causes a lot of chaos so I saved this until after they had made their papers.
What I wrote in each box were just suggestions for general topics. I didn’t want to put specifics because some kids would just copy my paper and I wanted them to make their own so I just put general topics here to give them the idea.
1st Period I didn’t enforce this rule and it was a DISASTER.
I made this slide after someone confessed they had never played Bingo and didn’t know how to play… really? I thought everyone knew but I guess not! So this shows the different combinations you can have as you click through the Point options (on here it’s all covered up but on the Powerpoint it comes on one at a time
This is the slide without the dots to illustrate their options and I left this one up on the overhead so they would remember the points
In the end, there really is no greater motivation for some kids than competition. Fine they get “points” but an opponent? Sometimes that’s more motivation.


Book Circle Reading BINGO:

My other classes were doing “Book Circle” books and after doing several reading activities that week, I decided to do this with them as well to just get them to read for awhile in their books (which they are supposed to be finishing soon!

Same here as in the preview time: don’t show them the partner task until after they make the chart
This took them at least 10 minutes if not longer to complete and some of them, even then, were not ready to start. I walked around giving them ideas the entire time and talking about what to put and what not to put (Don’t put “Someone has a gun” if your story is a romance with no guns…right? Don’t put that people get in a car if everyone has spaceships…put what YOUR book would have happen VERY SOON in the story.


Again, this factor, especially for my lower-level-mostly-boys groups of kids, was key. They loved competing and read faster and more carefully to find events in their books than they have in awhile.

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