I’ll Pay You to Read…

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Download the PowerPoint HERE


I tried to build the suspense here as much as possible…in fact all I did was stand in front of the class, not talk and just play with the coins and pressed the button on my remote to make each line slowly come up behind me until we got to the last couple lines… I would say their general reaction was disbelief… they thought I wouldn’t really do it… that it wasn’t real money… that I would just give them pennies…



I brought huge handfuls of my change from our change jar at home and had it in a medium-size tin. (didn’t want to make them think there wouldn’t be enough nor that I brought 100s of dollars). I played with the change as I explained what they were doing so that they could see that I did actually have different types of coins (not just pennies as many suspected)



At the end of the period, I handed out their “Pay” and it was at once funny, depressing and tragic and also rewarding: Some kids ended up with a dollar or more because they got quarters… one kid though ended up with a dime and three pennies…ROFL…. so it was fun and memorable even—they can say they got paid to do their work at school today 🙂



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