Box Connect Reading Game

Connect a Box SSR GameGetting my low level kids to read is becoming a huge task–it’s the end of the year and the last thing they want to do is open a book.

This book was actually a very quiet activity. We’ve been doing a lot of games lately and so with this game, I gave them the option to NOT have a partner and I know that this was a relief for some of them. The game was much more fun if played with a partner… I mean the strategy and the competition was so enhanced when they played together but by themselves, it was fine too. So many times I think we try to involve them in some huge game when they really just want to do their work and that should be rewarded too. So I was okay with their private reading today I guess, maybe I feel the same way sometimes 🙂

Download these PowerPoint Slides HERE

I was suprised at how many people had never played this game before (I played it tons in church as a kid, but I guess if you never went to church, or sit and wait somewhere, you wouldn’t need this game I guess?)
I originally had 5 pages here but we changed it to 2 because otherwise it would take reading like 30 pages just to get two boxes so we did two to make the game go faster.


This one is color-coded to show the different lines and how that works. Again, this game is a lot more competitive and fun as partners but as a single person, they could get extra credit too. I stressed in my explanation though, that the 100pts Extra Credit was not part of the program unless they played with a partner. I have a lot of kids who really do not like partner work at all, so this was a small carrot to try to get them to do it…mostly unsuccessful haha…

As partners, you have to be more strategic about where you place your line so that you don’t give away points to your partner. Overall I think it’s better to play it with partners, but again, modifications were needed I guess for my students who have a hard time with that.


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