The Class Vs. The Teacher: An SSR Reading Game

The Class vs The Teacher SSR Game

This is a kind of revenge game…

It’s the end of the year and let’s be honest here: We’re all a little fed up. I’m tired of the cellphones, the poor work, the laziness, the last minute everything… And then add the talking, the restlessness, the packing up early, the whining, the excuses and the general lack of will to do anything…ever…. it’s a hard time of year.

This game was a breath of fresh air: this game made my kids actually stop talking, WORK and put their phones away. And every time they didn’t do that?

I docked them points. It was rather fulfilling actually: not that I didn’t still walk around and “patrol” but this time all I had to do was look at someone and just make a mark on my clipboard and they snapped back to work…. and can I just say? This time of year? That is GLORIOUS to behold.

Now this wasn’t docking their GRADE (although that is tempting) and in the end, we were all just playing the game and I was doing my best to “Win” which is the whole point, right? It was a great and fun stress relief for me as a teacher at the end of the year and my kids actually got work done, actually paid attention, actually sat and worked and had a great day and that is always an excellent sight to see.

Download the PowerPoint Slides HERE

We are doing this with a Book Circle unit and we have played quite a few games lately so the class was expecting a game but just not this. And I played it up a lot that I was sure they would lose since they couldn’t put their phones away, they couldn’t really work…not too bad and most of it was joking and they LOVED it, they all thought it was so funny and thought it was a great challenge.
As you might expect, the class was VERY worried about CERTAIN people in class that they know talk NONSTOP all period and made jokes about the things they were allowed to do to keep them from talking or how to punish them when they did 🙂 but all in jest and again, pretty funny. Of the two classes I did this with–both low level classes with mostly boys–both classes were QUIET completely for almost 30mins straight. A.Mazing.

I used this Stopwatch Online:

There are many available but this one was cool. Like most stopwatches, it lets you do “Split Times” which means that every time anyone talked I pressed Split (instead of having to stop and restart) and that saved the previous times without having to stop to record the times.

I was SHOCKED how much they actually read during this time once you added it all together. Granted some did not read much but others DID and given the quiet time to actually concentrate and READ for real, others read a lot more than normal also and that was GREAT!
I made two columns on a blank piece of paper that said “Phone” and “Off Task” and just made tally marks as I walked around and then figured out the points later. As I said in the beginning, this was very gratifying for me as a teacher at the end of the year 🙂 a kind of stress relief…and in the end, they all worked and despite that I LOST the game (haha) I actually got what I wanted in the end! (tricky right!)


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