What Pinterest and My Sock Drawer have in Common

I feel like Pinterest and I have become better friends over the years When we first met, Pinterest was this really fascinating resource And now here we are years later, and it’s still fascinating But I feel like Pinterest is like an old file cabinet… It’s got all kinds of really amazing things in it…….

Tracking Daily Chores

This is my favorite chart: Daily Chores KEY: DO Dishes: Run, Empty, Put Away Wipe Down Kitchen: Counter, Sink, Oven, Microwave, Door (pantry) Floors: Sweep, Mop Laundry: Run, Fold, Put away Bathrooms: Straighten, Wash! Make Beds: Master, Bedroom, Bedroom, Loft Clear Table: Breakfast, Lunch Dinner Vacuum: Master, Bedroom, Bedroom, Living Area Pick Up Rooms: Master,…